The ability to think and process information.
1 Slow / Impaired (mentally deficient)
2 Normal (possessing an Intelligence Quotient that is approximately average)
3 Learned (possessing a higher than average IQ)
4 Gifted (possessing significantly higher than average IQ, creative talents)
5 Genius (possessing extremely higher than average IQ, creative talents)
6 Super Genius (possessing genius in almost all intellectual areas)
7 Omniscient (possessing knowledge of all that is)

The ability to lift (press) weight over one's head.
1 Weak (cannot lift own body weight)
2 Normal (able to lift from own body weight to twice own body weight)
3 Peak human (able to lift from twice own body weight to 800 pounds)
4 Superhuman (able to lift in the 800 pound to 25 ton range)
5 Superhuman (able to lift in the 25 to 75 ton range)
6 Superhuman (able to lift in the 75 to 100 ton range)
7 Incalculable (able to lift in excess of 100 tons)

The ability to move over land by running or flight.
1 Below normal
2 Normal
3 Subsonic Superhuman (peak velocity: below Mach 1)
4 Speed of sound (peak velocity: Mach 1 to Mach 2)
5 Supersonic (peak velocity: Mach 2 to Orbital Velocity)
6 Speed of light (peak velocity: 186,000 miles per second)
7 Warp speed (transcending light speed)

The ability to resist or recover from bodily injury.
1 Weak
2 Normal
3 Enhanced
4 Regenerative
5 Bulletproof
6 Superhuman
7 Virtually indestructible

The ability to discharge energy.
1 None
2 Ability to discharge energy on contact
3 Short range, short duration, single energy type
4 Medium range, medium duration, single energy type
5 Long range, long duration, single energy type
6 Able to discharge multiple forms of energy
7 Virtually unlimited command of all forms of energy

Proficiency in hand-to-hand combat.
1 Poor
2 Normal
3 Some training
4 Experienced fighter
5 Master of a single form of combat
6 Master of several forms of combat
7 Master of virtually all conventional forms of combat